Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Night Special (LInk now Fixed)

It’s Friday night. Which is sort of special. After an amazingly HEAVY week the tunnel is a bit more light. And so the first of a soon to be regular (or semi regular) Friday Night Specials.

In India and Pakistan they say shabaash in the same way the Spaniards say bravo!

A collection of great songs from all over the world, no theme, no geographic unity, just songs you want to say shabaash to.

            Track Listing:
01.  Aaj ki Raat  Asha Bhosle  (Asha does her best Glenn Close impression)

02.  Abasi Do   Black Beats Band (Vintage trumpet led Ghanian highlife ca. 1960)

03.  Africa Obata  Pierre Akendengue (Funk de la Gabon in French Central Africa)

04.  All My Mistakes  Avett Brothers (A bit of tongue in cheek confessions from the Carolinas)

05.   Allah Karyo Karo  Tahira Syed (Sufiana plea for Allah’s blessing from one of many Pakistani divas)

06.  Amargado  Duo Los Ahijados (Dominican son)

07.  Ass'ada' illahou Masa'akom   Salma (Lebanese jazz)

08.  Blowin' In The Wind  Ben Sidran  (Classic Dylan done stately)

09.   Born On The Bayou  X-lents (Classic CCR served by Indian garage band from 1970)

10.  Bukom Mashie   Oscar Sulley (Funk. Ghana. Dance)

11.  Business Time  Flight of the Conchords (Barry White was really from suburban New Zealand)

12.  Chal Chal Mere Bhai (Naseeb)  Mohammad Rafi (Tripping home after too much to drink at the cinema)

13.  Chewing Gum Lips   Usha Uthup (India’s versatile pop queen blows some bubbles)

14.  Chhalla  Rabbi Shergill (Soulful Punjabi pop)

15.  Chumma Chumma  New Bharat Brass Band (Number 1 Indian wedding song played by Number 1 wedding band)

16.  Coline's Rose (For Coline And Robbie) Kyle Shepherd (Piano jazz beauty from South Africa)

17.  Curt Flood  Joe Henry (Homage to baseball hero of years gone by)

18.  Dap Walk Ernie & the Top Notes (Crescent City. Funky as always)

19.  Deep Seas (chilly desert mix) Dub Corporation (Chill out by the sea)

20.  Dhow Countries Taj Mahal (Souvenir from his visit to Zanzibar)

21.  Diaraby Magni  Vieux Farke Toure (Ali’s son shows its in the genes)

22.  Dimples  James Blood Ulmer (John Lee Hooker revisited)

23.  Diougou diougou Orchestre Boabab (Gentle interlude from Senegal’s greatest band)

24.  Dizani Wa Arif Madami   Ilham Madfai (Celebrating Qadafi’s demise perhaps?)

25.  Do Right To me Baby (Do Unto Others)  Bob Dylan (Preachin’ and reachin’ for love)

Listen here.


Abdullah said...

There is a problem with the link. It only connects to the Blogger sign up page.

ajnabi said...

Hi Abdullah,
Thanks for letting me know.
All fixed now.