Thursday, May 9, 2013

Slow Road to Senegal: Spirit of Teranga

My first exposure to African music was to Fela’s record Zombie.  My second was to the dance music of Toure Kunda,  the Senegalese band whose records spiced up countless mid-80’s parties at University.  After their bright flash across the consciousness of American college kids TK seem to have faded from view. Sad, because they opened an intriguing window into the music of that West African country, that their disappearance or fall from critical favour, seemed to slam shut.

Today the spotlight is back on Senegal with a fabulous double disc set called African Pearls: The Spirit of Teranga Senegal.

A languid tour of Senegalese music as if on a local bus that stops frequently at village after village.  In no hurry to get to wherever you think you’re supposed to be going but by the time you get there your questions have been answered. Though curiosity is peaked and you are hungry for more.

Disc one is traditional music played on traditional instruments, to ancient rhythms. Disc two is full of that sleepy, sexy Latino club sound, played on loosely strung guitars and drum kits from another era.

All very addictive.

Track Listing: (Disc 1)
01 Mbueguel [Aminata Fail]
02 Boulmamine [Ensemble National du Senegal]
03 Niani [Amadou N’Diaye Samb]
04 Bambo Bodian [Lalo Keba Drame]
05 Fall Amadou Abdoulaye [Diabou Seck]
06 Tiedo [Ensemble National du Senegal]
07 Nieti Abdou [Ndiaga Mbaye]
08 Listakhar [Ensemble National du Senegal]
09 Saraba [Samba Diare Samb]
10 Birma Maofal [Ensemble Lyrique Sorano]
11 Bandia [Soundiolou Cissokho and Mahawa Kouyate]
12 Balingor [Soleyamama Et Watoo Sita]
13 Laagia [Samba Diabare]
14 Irando [Ensemble Lyrique Sorano]
15 Diegoye [Fa Mbaye Issa Diop]
16 Borom Keur [Thione Seck]
17 Lamine Gueye [Orquestre Baobab]

Track Listing (Disc 2)
2-01 Senegal Sunugal [Orquestre Baobab]
2-02 Jankaake [Star Numer One]
2-03 Santa Barbara [Super International Band]
2-04 Nobel [Ouza Diallo]
2-05 Laagia [Nigewei International]
2-06 Saraba [Ifang Bondi]
2-07 Simbondon [Star Numer One]
2-08 Aduana Jarul Naawo [Orquestre Baobab]
2-09 Thiely [Star Band]
2-10 Wallou ! [Guelewar Band]
2-11 Aminta [Labah Sosseh]
2-12 Waalo [Star Number One]
2-13 Ade [Xalam]


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