Tuesday, October 25, 2011

61 Years Old Today: Tom Waits

Tom Waits is 61 years old today.

What does a man want more than to have a bunch of women sing his praises?

This collection shows what a fantastic songwriter Tom is and how ‘feminine’ his song writing is.  So many of his songs have such strong women characters in them. Or somehow have the hovering presence of a woman in them. Love stories, troubled love stories, searching love stories, road love stories.

This collection is great also because it covers the waterfront of styles, demonstrating how versatile his songs are. About the one place they don’t fit is in a 80’s stadium rock (Patty Smyth’s version of Downtown Train is a shocker).
Tom Waits

So happy birthday Thomas. From some of the best lady singers in the world!

         Track Listing:
         Disc One.
         01 Blow Wind Blow  Astrid Seriese
02 Diamonds And Gold The Silver Hearts
03 November  Liz Durrett
04 Diamonds And Gold  Aileen Loy and the Blue Valentines
05 Anywhere I Lay My Head Anna Ternheim
06 Downtown Train Patty Smyth
07 Earth Died Screaming Tracy Bonham
08 Strange Weather Marianne Faithfull
09 Christmas Card From a Hooker In Minneapolis  Neko Case
10 Day After Tomorrow  Joan Baez
11 Another Man's Vine.mp3
12 Green Grass  Cibelle
13 Big In Japan Aileen Loy and Blue Valentines
14 Jockey Full Of Bourbon Meret Becker and Ars Vitalis
15 Please Call Me, Baby Sally Norvell
16 Broken Bicycles Christine Collister
17 29 Dollari (e una borsetta di coccodrillo) Laura Fedele
18 Chocolate Jesus Janelle Lauer
19 Fumblin' With The Blues Claudia Bettanaglio
20 Anywhere I Lay My Head Sista Spooky

Listen here.

         Track Listing:
         Disc Two.
         01 Temptation Diana Krall
02 Tom Traubert's Blues  Maria Joao and Mario Laginha
03 Yesterday Is Here  Cat Power
04 Temptation  Clara Bakker
05 Come On Up To The House Owilde
06 Jersey Girl  Holly Cole
07 It's Over Vamosbabe and Pascal Fricke
08 Underground Astrid Seriese
09 The Heart Of Saturday Night Diana Krall
10 I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You Olivia Gale
11 Ol' 55 Sarah McLachlan
12 Tango Till They're Sore Holly Cole
13 Day After Tomorrow Linda Thompson
14 Long Way Home Norah Jones
15 Poncho's Lament The Blacks
16 Ol' '55  Lisa Bassenge Trio
17 Muriel Eleni Mandell
18 I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You Priscilla Herdman
19 Ruby's Arms Megan Mullalhy
20 Sea Of Love  Cat Power

Listen here.

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Tonilerouge said...

Tom Wais was born on the 7th of December...