Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Evergreen: Memorable Ghazals of Pakistan

It’s late.

A brilliant spring day full of shining sun, pub meals eaten overlooking Port Phillip Bay and building castles in the warm sand.

What does that have to do with tonight’s post?


Except good feelings.

Yaadgar Ghazalein Vol 1 is probably my favourite collection of popular modern ghazals. Featuring many of Pakistan’s (Asha Bhosle being the sole Indian representative) most popular singers covering some of their ‘greatest hits’ this one volume is a fantastic introduction to the sub-continent’s most popular form of music after Bollywood filmi songs.

Herein you will find romance, fine poetry and musical virtuosity. Semi-classical artists like Iqbal Bano, Farida Khanum and Asad Amanat Ali Khan, along side TV and movie artists (Musarrat Nazir, Asha Bhosle) and many others.

An essential and as they say in South Asia, ‘evergreen’ collection.

            Track Listing:
01 Daag-E-Dil Hamko Yaad Aane Lage [Iqbal Bano]
02 Woh Ishq Jo Hamse Rooth Gaya [Farida Khanum]
03 Tumhare Khat Mein [Ghulam Ali]
04 Payam Aaye Hain [Noor Jahan]
05 Tumse Ulfat Ke Taqaze [Nahid Akhtar]
06 Yeh Kya Ke Ek Jahan [Saiyan Chaudhry]
07 Ae Jazba-E-Dil Gar Main Chahon [Nayyara Noor]
08 Yun Saja Chand [Asha Bhosle]
09 Zindagi Ki Rahon Mein [Gulshan Ara Syed]
10 Kisie Aur Gham Mein [Asad Amanat Ali Khan]
11 Chale to Kat Hi Jaye Ga [Musarrat Nazir]

Listen here.


Miguel said...

Very nice Ajnabi!

Did you know that I am a master in building castles made of sand...


ajnabi said...

A Master of many trades!

Ramone666 said...

Great stuff, thanks a mil.

ajnabi said...

Ramone, ENjoy!

Holly said...

This is wonderful, thank you!

ajnabi said...

Holly, enjoy. Hope it remains evergreen for you.