Saturday, October 29, 2011

Invincible: The Sabri Brothers

Qawwali Group by Jamil Afridi

As promised, here are four qawwalis from the Sabri Brothers.  

The record is from 1975 and reveals some of the marketing strategems of the suits at EMI Karachi. Obviously a younger, more hip audience was wanted.  The cover art is a rather modern rendering of what is probably meant to be a Pakistani village. And each of the qawwalis is introduced by some rather incongruous Montavani-esque strings and lute plucking that would not be out of place in a hotel lobby or airplane lounge.  But thankfully this segues neatly into the classic traditional style of qawwali the Sabri Brothers never strayed too far from their entire lives.

And so to take you out on this Saturday night, ladies and gentlemen, Haji Ghulam Farid Sabri and Haji Maqbool Ahmad Sabri.

My favourite is number 3:  Mere Data Karam ho Baraye Karam as I spent many hours around the mazar of Data Sahib in Lahore, to whom this qawwali is directed, when I was a student.

Apologies for the hiss. Obviously a well worn record…which in a way is its own recommendation!

            Track Listing:
       01 Mohammad Ki Chatai Ne Bhi Kya Taqdeer Pai Hai
02 Chalo Madine Gham Ke Maro
03 Mere Data Karam ho Baraye Karam
04 Ghaus Ka Martaba Dekh Kar Mangna

Listen here.

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Great post. Please update the link for listening.
Expecting more posts about Sabri brothers. Thank you