Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fight Back!: Music for the Wall Street Occupation

Mark Burkhardt

The Washerman’s Dog interrupts usual plans and schedules to show solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  It seems that at the final minute Americans of all types are discovering their backbones. And standing up for their rights and demanding justice from the liars, hypocrites and big boss men of Wall Street.

Fantastic to see and I only wish I was there to join in.  But for those who are cutting classes, slipping out of work and joining the throngs all across the country, here is a selection of tasty, bluesy, jazzy, funky, twangy cuts about greed, hypocrisy, justice, politics and fighting the good fight against devils of all kinds.

Go guys! Give ‘em hell and don’t retreat!

            Track Listing:
01 I'm Greedy Man [James Brown]
02 Rich Man's Blues [Dinah Washington]
03 Big Boss Man [Charlie Rich]
04 Only So Much Oil In The Ground [Tower of Power]
05 Political World [Bob Dylan]
06 For the Love of Money [The O’Jays]
07 Hypocrite Blues [Hoodoo Gurus]
07 Money Generator [Karl Bryan & The Afrokats]
09 The Fight [Jimmy Smith]
10 The Selfishness In Man  [Buddy and Julie Miller with Emmylou Harris]
11 Won't Get Fooled Again [The Who]
12 Justice [Cassandra Wilson]
13 Get Up, Stand Up [Peter Tosh]
14 Chathab (Liar) [Ilham Madfai]
15 Hypocrite [Asian Dub Foundation]
16 A Talk: Bluesology, Black History, Jaws, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (live from Wax Museum, Washington DC) [Gil Scott-Heron]
17 Fight to Win [Femi Anikulapo Kuti & Jaguar Wright]
18 Don't Give Up [Peter Gabriel]
19 Justice Blues [Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown and Roy Clark]
20 Revolution Blues [Waco Brothers]
21 The Judgement Song [Mia Dyson]
22 Justice to the People [Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry]
23 American Dream [Lucinda Williams]
24 Your Enemy Cannot Harm You [Edward Clayborn]
25 None Shall Escape The Judgement [Ernest Ranglin]
26 Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now [Tower of Power]
27 We'll Never Turn Back [Mavis Staples]

Listen here.


Rebecca said...

Fantastic line-up of songs tonight!

ajnabi said...

For a fantastic turn of events!

litlgrey said...

WELL done !!

gypsykat said...

Excellent job!

Holly said...

I've been enjoying this ;-)

ajnabi said...

Lets hope it helps!