Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lion of Jezirah: Ibrahim Keivo

Ibrahim Keivo is a Syrian singer who hails from the region of the Middle East that geographers call Upper Mesopotamia. It is where the northwest corner of Iraq, bumps into  the southeastern part of Turkey and the northeastern provinces of Syria. Essentially this was the home of the ancient and much feared Assyrians.

In Islamic times the name of the area, which lies between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, was changed to al-Jazirah (the island) and to this day Syria refers to the region by the same name.  Like so much of the ancient world, Jazirah is home to Aramic speaking Chaldeans, Kurds, Arabs, Armenians and Yazidis (the remnant of an ancient Kurdish pagan religion). Many languages and dialects are spoken in the area and the culture is a truly syncretic and hybrid.

Ibrahim Keivo

I came to this amazing and thrilling record through the kindness of Nauma whose own wonderful blog was unilaterally ‘forcibly retired’ several months ago.  In honor of the brave and ancient civilization and people of Syria I re-post this absolutely essential collection of spine-tingling folk songs from Jezirah.  I also hope that by so doing the mission and vision of Nauma, to share essential, rarely heard and unknown music from forgotten corners of the world will continue to thrive.

Don’t hesitate. Truly. This is music that speaks to the very quick of the soul.

            Track Listing:
            01 Lauk (Kurdish)
02 Ashkalafem (Kurdish)
03 Rawi (Assyrian)
04 Goudi (Assyrian)
05 Tartiyawni (Assyrian)
06 Yar Dli (Mardin Arabic)
07 Sabiha(Mardin Arabic)
08 Semsam (Assyrian)
09 Ayes Kechir (Armenian)
10 Teelo Jan (Armenian)
11 Misho Akhchik (Armenian)
12 Sharfadina (Yezidi)
13 Edule & Derweshe Evdi (Yezidi)
14 Dehzarta Tauseda (Yezidi)
15 Siamand (Kurmandji  Kurdish)
16 Mawwal, Kul Al Hala (Bedouin Arabic)

Listen here.


nauma said...

thank you ajnabi
let's keep the dream alive
there is no any other way than to dream of (and fight for) universal freedom.

and all thanks to this stupendous -great artist Ibrahim Keivo.

ajnabi said...

Thank YOU so much for introducing his music to me. It is simply sublime!
I await to hear of your own next moves.