Monday, May 21, 2012

Semi Precious Lebanon: Fairuz

Islamic turquoise (Fairuz)

Fairuz means turquoise. She is the reigning Queen of Song in the Arab speaking world.  The more I listen to her the more I adore her voice and style. The Middle Eastern blending of western strings and orchestral swells with traditional rhythms and instruments is really addictive. It makes for lush music. Evocative luxury.

This one is called Modern Favorites. Sounds good to me. They do possess a modern sound and they are becoming favorites. Aloula especially. Hope you enjoy one of the finest musical treats in the world.  

            Track Listing
           01 Al Bosta
02 Ishtaktellak
03 Rajeat Fi Al Massa
04 Oghniat Al Wadaa
05 La Yadoum Igtirabi
06 Maarifti Feek
07 Aloula
08 Kifak Inta
09 Asfoura Al Shajan
10 Ams Intahena
11 Wa Lee Fouadon
12 Wahdon


Anonymous said...

Dear sir, you've got lots of goodies, but it seems most of your mediafire links are dead. It would be much appreciated if you would kindly reupload most of your past collections. A million thanks.

ajnabi said...

Anonymous, I'm sorry to hear that. I'll try to upload specific files but sadly am not ina position to a do a wholesale re-uploading. if you can name specific files I"ll do my best.