Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Live in Concert: Mohammad Tufail Niazi

Thanks go out tonight to the generous spirit of the charmingly named Holistic Khan.

From his trove of hard to find but easy to love Pakistani-Indian music we pull out a lovely live performance of Mohammad Tufail Niazi, that warm and effortless voice of Punjabi folk, from 1987.  The concert was sponsored by the once venerable Lok Virsa (National Folk Heritage Institute) in Islamabad and Niazi showcases his technical skill as well as sensitive delivery across a program of 7

The sound quality on track 2 is slightly dodgy but not overly so.  All in all this is a tremendously enjoyable recording.  Shukriya Khan sahib!

            Track Listing:
01 Charkha lenda phairian
02 Sohnia we ik badly
03 Sun malka meri kooki
04 Saiyyan ne meri jora jori (Thumri)
05 Dardan maar liya mera dili
06 Akhian lagian jawab na dendiani
07 Bedardan de sangi

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