Friday, May 4, 2012

Malawi is Warming: The Very Best

I’ve had this record for some time and despite its attractive title and cover art I have found it slow to warm to. But like the globe, I’m warming. A recent spin from end to end made me think some of you who missed it first time round (2009 release) might like it too.

The title is great on two levels. The band name, The Very Best, lends a (false as it turns out) sense of ‘these guys have been around a long time and this is a greatest hits collection’.  In fact they are a recent collaboration between a Malawian drummer, Esua Mwamwaya, and a rather angst ridden electro-pop collective from the UK known as Radioclit.   The record was very well received when it was issued making many Best Of 2009/10 lists including that of the old granddaddy of rock mags, Rolling Stone.

The music covers a range of styles including a bit of hip hop but essentially it is Mwamwaya providing the content and his English friends the production and aural framework. Stand out tracks for me are Warm Heart of Africa, Raindance, Chalo and Mfumu.

I have a feeling this will grow on me. You decide for yourself.

            Track Listing:
01.    Yalira
02.    Chalo
03.    Warm Heart of Africa (feat. Ezra Koenig)
04.    Mwazi
05.    Nsokoto
06.    Angonde
07.    Julia
08.    Mfumu
09.    Ntdende Uli
10.    Raindance (feat. M.I.A)
11.    Kamphopo
12.    Kada Manja
13.    Zam’dziko

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