Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stellar Soundtrack: Armaan

Another light-hearted soundtrack tonight. Armaan (Longing) is a popular title in Bollywood, with three (at least) films sharing that name.  Tonight’s feature is from 1981 and is a remake of the Hollywood classic, CasablancaTo Indianise the story the film is set in Goa and the world war backdrop becomes the freedom struggle for Goa. The villains are Portuguese in place of the Germans. The role of Rick (Bogey) is revived by Raj Babbar, of Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) by Ranjeeta, Deepak Parashar plays Victor (Paul Henried), Shammi Kapoor is Sam (Dooly Wilson) and Shakti Kapoor plays Renault (Claude Rains).
Deepak Parashar is a freedom fighter and Ranjeeta is his sweetheart who was earlier romantically involved with Raj Babbar. Raj Babbar runs a bar / hotel in Goa which is hub of all the action. Shammi Kapoor is his friend and bartender who also sings. Shakti Kapoor is a corrupt Portuguese officer whose top priority is money. (imdb)

The music is by the irrepressible, portly and blingalicious Bappi Lahiri. Never one to shy away from inserting a disco beat into the midst of even the most traditional of settings, the Goan locations of Armaan are perfect for bringing out the dance beat in Bappi. Employing some of his favourite singers like Sharon Prabhakar (Mere Jaisi Hasina) the songs bubble along nicely including a warm melody from Kishore Kumar (Jivan Mithana Hai Diwanapan) and a vivacious Punjabi (in Goa?) chorus by Mahendra Kapoor (Tich  Batana di Jodi). But the opening number by another jaunty jewel of Juhu, Usha Uthup (Ramba Ho Ho Ho,Samba Ho Ho Ho) is the killer track. Crackling with dance floor rhythms and cooing girl chorus Ramba Samba is pure Lahiri gold.

All in all a nice way to end the weekend.

            Track Listing:
01 Ramba Ho Ho Ho Samba Ho Ho Ho
02 Jivan Mithana Hai Diwanapan
03 Zindagi Ke Raaste Mein
04 Mere Jaisi Hasina
05 Pyar Hi Jeene Ki Surat Hai
06 Tich Batana Di Jodi
Listen here.


deewani said...

Thank you so much, I had been looking for track 6, omitted from the cassette I used to own and from the CD combo. Yipee!

ajnabi said...

Mention not!