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How to Sing the Blues: B.B. King

B.B. King
20 Facts about B. B King:

1.    Number 3 greatest guitarist of all time (Rolling Stone Magazine)
2.    He was born in a village called Itta Bena, Mississippi.
3.    His real name is Riley B. King. The B ‘doesn’t stand for anything.’
4.    He first learned the guitar at age 7 from the Rev. Archie Fair of the Church of God in Christ
5.    His mother’s cousin was the great bluesman, Bukka White.
6.    His first guitar, a used cherry red Stella, cost $15.
7.    His first group was Famous St John Gospel Singers.
8.    Harmonica god Sonny Boy Williamson gave B.B. his first break on the radio in 1948.
9.    B.B’s guitar is called Lucille and named after the woman he heard two drunks fighting over in a bar.

10. While learning the ropes of blues guitar he worked as a D.J. at WDIA, a Memphis all-black radio station.
11. B.B’s first recordings were produced by Sam Phillips at Sun Studios, where a few others (Elvis, Johnny Cash, Ike Turner, Howling Wolf, Jerry Lee Lewis) got their start.
12. His first hit was 3 O’Clock Blues in 1951. It was recorded at the YMCA in Memphis.
13. The Thrill is Gone, (1970) is his best selling record reaching #3 on the R&B charts.

14. His album Live at the Regal is considered the best lives blues recording of all time.
15. Like Johnny Cash BB made several live records at famous American prisons: San Quentin, Cook County Jail.
16. Carole King was the first woman to play on a B. B King record. She played piano on Indianola Mississippi Seeds.
17.  In 1956 B.B King played 342 live gigs!  In a normal year he would play 300 shows.
18. In his 60+ year career he has played over 15,000 live shows.
19. He has 15 children from 15 women and over 50 grandchildren.

20. B.B King "introduced a sophisticated style of soloing based on fluid string bending and shimmering vibrato that would influence virtually every electric blues guitarist that followed.”

25 Tracks by B.B. King (and a few friends)

            01 How Blue Can You Get
02 3 O'Clock Blues [Feat. Bobby Blue Bland]
03 Bad Case of Love
04 Ghetto Woman
05 I Get So Weary
06 Jesus Gave Me Water
07 Worry Worry
08 Help The Poor [Feat. Eric Clapton]
09 Telephone Blues
10 Never Trust a Woman
11 It's My Own Fault [Feat. Jimi Hendrix]
12 Never Make Your Move Too Soon
13 Call It Stormy Monday [Feat. Albert Collins]
14 The Thrill is Gone [Feat. The Crusaders]
15 Chains and Things
16 B.B.'s Boogie
17 Ain't Gonna Worry My Life Anymore
18 Blues Jam 2 Part 2 [Feat. Jimi Hendrix and Paul Butterfield Blues Band]
19 Hummingbird
20 Until I'm Dead and Cold
21 Every Day I Have The Blues
22 Driftin' Blues
23 Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
24 Sixteen Tons
25 Sweet Sixteen

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