Monday, February 6, 2012

Modern Ancient Music from Punjab: Rabba Mereya

Five rivers flow through the land. These waterways make the soil dark, moist and fertile. Warlords who gaze down on them from the Khyber lust for those lands and for the riches the ancients assured them were their’s when they crossed the final river.

Between the rivers men and women struck mad by the One Divine told stories and sang songs to and of the gods and saints.  Their tombs bake and crumble in the unrelenting heat but then come the rains. The five rivers swell and flood. Dust turns to mud, desperation to dance. Fresh songs are composed. The land and parched people are baptised in the currents. Rab, Sahib, Guru, Bhagwan, Lord, and Malik receive their gratitude.

Blood, bravery, and bones make the earth rich in the Land of Five rivers. No one who comes here and settles wants to leave. The land and water grip the heart. People fight to stay. They kill to claim the right to control the rivers.   

Punjab is the door to Hindustan that had to be stormed. That was rammed open and slammed shut thousands of times.  If you visit this place, this land of arrogance and fun, of cruelty and of the highest sublime graces and you place your heart close to ground you will hear music like this.

There is nothing like it elsewhere. Raw, fresh, pure, intoxicating. Nothing can stand before this.

            Track Listing:
            01 Mulla Band Kar [Gurmej Raja]
02 Dum Dhola [Saida Begum Sufi]
03 Sade Val Mukhda Mod [Akhtar Ali]
04 Rab Kedia Gallan [Narata Ram]
05 Pehla Naam Us Rab Da [Dalbar Singh]
06 Bhajan Kar Rab Da [Sardar Surjeet Singh]

Listen here.

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deewani said...

Oh! This Sufi album seems immensely promising! Thank you! :)

Panj=five + ab=water/river = Punjab