Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nazrul Geet: Yakub Ali Khan

Kazi Nazarul Islam

I’ve been away and fully occupied for the last few days. Just returned this evening and am feeling quite tired.  Before leaving, I was beginning to get into the singing of young Bangladeshi singer, Yakub Ali Khan. Specialising in singing Nazrulgeet (poetry of Nazrul Islam) Khan has risen rapidly in the ranks of Bengali singers. He has a sweet voice which helps calm the jaggedy nerves and weary body.

Breathe deep and let the music flow over you.

            Track Listing:

01 Ogo Boishakhi Jhor
02 Jamuna Sinane Chole
03 Pia Shopone Esho
04 Shapuria Re Bajao
05 Noyone Nid Nahi
06 Phuler Jolshai Neerob
07 Mala Jodi Mor Dhulai
08 Phutlo Jedin Phalgune
09 Darale Durare Mor
10 Megh Boron Konya
11 Choity Chaer Alo
12 Nishi Bhorer Alo
13 Tumi Kon Pothe Ele
14 Ogo Tari Tore

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