Monday, April 22, 2013

Change in the Weather: Washerman's Dog and Harmonium Music

As most of you are aware, one of my great passions is the music and musical culture of South Asia. That part of the world that stretches from Afghanistan in the West to Bangladesh in the East, and from Bhutan and Nepal in the Himalayas to the Maldives and Sri Lanka in the watery expanses of the Indian Ocean.

About a year ago I set up a separate website cum blog dedicated to music from that part of the world called Harmonium Music.  For a number of reasons, the biggest being, I was not sure of what I intended to do with it, Harmonium has languished on the vine.  I have thought of folding up this blog and concentrating only on Harmonium but my heart wouldn't allow it. I love South Asian music, true, but I also love African, American, Brazilian and Australian music too. I didn't want to betray one blog in order to keep the other alive.  So I have put most effort into Washerman's Dog serving up an eclectic mix of stuff, with lots of South Asian tunes thrown in.

Well, at long last I have made the decision to keep both blogs alive but by making a change to both of them.  This blog will hence forth focus on music from all over the world EXCEPT South Asia. In other words, if you like the Bollywood or Indian folk or Pakistani ghazals I've posted about here, you're going to have to click over to Harmonium.  But if that was not the main attraction for you then you don't need to do anything new or challenging. Just keep visiting as often as you like and leave your comments and suggestions, which I'll do my best to fulfill.

From now on all music related to South Asia (historic, folk, classical, contemporary) will be available on Harmonium.  I'll keep cross posting for a few weeks but then you'll have to come over to Harmonium to keep track of what I'm posting from South Asia. For those of you who visited Harmonium from time to time you'd remember that there was a 'shop' included on the site. Well, that no longer exists. The site is completely about the music with lots of informative content but nothing for sale.  

So, hopefully this change will be a win win for everyone, as they say in business circles.  Appreciate any comments or suggestions!



Alex said...

Nate, can you do a regular newsletter or something? I don't see a way of subscribing to the Harmonium site.



Nathan Rabe said...

Hi Alex, I've added a Subscribe option now, which I hope works. Please let me know. Cheers

Goofy said...

Great that you keep both places up.

Nathan Rabe said...

I'll see how long i can keep all of these going...I've got other non-musical ones too!