Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There is No Hope for White America: The Watts Prophets

The Watts Prophets

When Watts was burning and roiling with rage back in the 60s a group of street poets got together to rap. Their subjects were drugs, sex, police oppression, violence, blood, racism and every other form of urban shit ever invented.

This is one of the albums of the Watts Prophets, a group that shares the sobriquet, inventors of rap music, with Gil Scott Heron and the Last Poets.

As the great American election circus glows white hot in the final dash to the first Tuesday of November, this collection of songs by local street politicians and philosophers, is a timely reminder of how much things have or have not changed.

Essential listening. Repeat.

         Track Listing:
         01 Listen
02 Part – E.S
03 Black Pussy
04 Kill
05 Funny How Things Can Change
06 Falstaff
07 Pimping, Leaning and Feaning
08 Keep You Doing Things
09 The Meek Ain't Gonna
10 The Days, the Hours
11 Taste.
12 We Must Love Black People
13 I'll Stop Calling You Nigger
14 Saint America
15 They Shot Him
16 Nearer My God To Thee
17 Clowns All Round
18 Response to a Bourgeois Nigger
19 Things Going to Get Greater Later
20 Trees and Del Prodo's
21 Pledge of Allegiance

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