Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obscura: Dylan

Here are some soundings from the long career of Bob Dylan, caught in concerts around the world, or scraped up off the studio floor or interpreted by others.

Track Listing:
01 Rainy Day Women [Grand Rapids 15-2-1999]
02 Spanish Is The Loving Tongue [New Morning Outtake]
03 Sara [Castello di San Felice 8-7-2005]
04 One More Cup Of Coffee [Clearwater 22-4-1976]
05 Romance In Durango [Renaldo & Clara Soundtrack 1975]
06 Wild Take  [Pat Garret & Billy the Kid Sessions]
07 Billy [Pat Garret & Billy The Kid Sessions]
07 He Was A Friend Of Mine [Sebastpol 29-6-1997]
08 Boots Of Spanish Leather [Livorno 22-6-1989]
09 The Midnight Special (Harry Belafonte with Dylan on harmonica) [June 1961]
10 The Times We've Known [New York 1-11-1998]
11 Blowin' in the Wind (Dolly Parton) [Denver 10-6-2005]
12 Soon Gershwin Concert [Brooklyn 11-3-1987]
13 When The Deal Goes Down [Odense 28-5-2008]
14  Went To See The Gypsy [New Morning Outtake]
14 I Shall Be Released [Dylan and Van Morrison]
15 Yesterday [New York Studio 1-5-1970]

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