Sunday, September 9, 2012

No Place for Chatter: Abida Parveen

Poetry of Shah Hussain

So much to love about this selection (Golden Collection number 5, according to the Rawalpindi-based music shop from which it was procured). 

Each song is an explication of the Unseen Reality.  Of the Lover. Of Rab. Of Love. Of the Master and Lord.

Words filled with worlds of the heart and soul.  Sung by the burly voiced Abida Parveen.

Here are some of the words you’ll discover here.

Mujhe bekhudi yeh tu ne, bhali chaashni chakhai
Kisi aarzo ki dil mein, nahi ab rahi smaai

You have given me such a taste that pales all worldliness.
In this heart filled with submission, no desire remains!

Na hazar hai nay khatar hai, na reja hai nay dua hai. 
Na khayal-e-bandagi hai, na tamanna-e-khudai

Neither distance nor fear... neither hope nor prayer,
neither thoughts of servitude, nor desire of godliness.

Na maqaam-e-guftugu hai, na mehal-e-justujuu hai,
Na wohan hawaas puhnchain, na khirad ko hai rasaai

No place for exchange of words... no occasion for further quest,
Where neither consciousness reaches, nor thoughts reach its realm.

Na makeen hai nay makaan hai, na zameen hai nay zabaan hai. 
Dil-e-benawa ne meray, wahan chhawni hai chhaii

Where no one resides.. neither habitation exist
This wandering heart has come to camp there.

Na visaal hai na hijraan, na suroor hai na gham hai. 
Jise kaheyye khwab-e-ghaflat, so woh neend mujh ko aayee.

Where there is neither union...nor separation
neither sorrow... nor joy
What is said becomes an endless oblivion,
I have entered in such holy suspension!

Raba mera hal da mehram tu
Andar tu hain /bahir tu han
Tu hain tana /tu hay bana /sabh kuch meran tu
Kahe Hussain faqir namana main nahi sab tu.
O God you are aware of my true condition, as you are within me and outside of me and present everywhere. You are the Cause and Creator of everything.  I have no existence without you

As you wake this day, play this and let the spirit of the poetry penetrate your soul.

            Track Listing:
            01 Main Nara-e-Mastana
02 Hum Ko Ya Dar Dar
03 Mein Hosh Mein Tera Hun
04 Khamosh Rah Kar
05 Takleef-e-Hijar de Gayi
06 Mujhe Bekhud
07 Raba Mere Haal Da
08 Sohna Sajan Ghar Aaya


gilhodges said...

Abida is a dream. Nice one!

ajnabi said...

Indeed she is.