Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Usha Uthup's Beautiful Sunday Original Album

Back in January the Washerman’s Dog posted a couple of albums by Usha Uthup. One of them, was a compilation of odds and ends that I put together under the cover of Beautiful Sunday.  I have since been lucky enough to take possession of the original album and post it here tonight for all Usha fans.

Usha is backed by Beny Rozario and his band. Beny is a stalwart of the Calcutta pop music scene which helped make that city, on the east coast of India the counterpoint to Mumbai on the west.  Where that city was all about film scores and playback singers, Calcutta was the city to which rock n roll bands, pop groups and nightclub chanteuses flocked. Calcutta with its large Anglo-Indian population and many nightspots and swanky restaurants like Trincas and the Blue Fox was the pop music Mecca of India throughout the 1960s and 1970s. 

Trincas (Pop Mecca of Calcutta)

Trincas celebrated 50 years of music and dining in 2008 and celebrated the milestone with a month long festival that saw many of old Calcutta popsters including Usha Uthup return to perform.

So here, better late than never, is the original pressing of Usha Uthup Sings Beautiful Sunday & Other Hits, backed by the famous Beny Rozario.

            Track Listing:
01.   Beautiful Sunday
02.   When You Smile
03.   If We Try
04.   Never Never Never (Grande Grande Grande)
05.   Touch Me in the Morning
06.   Jezehel
07.   Seasons in the Sun
08.   No Tears (in the End) I Don’t Want No Tears
09.   I Believe in Music
10.   Losing in My Mind
11.   When  a Woman Falls in Love

Listen here


litlgrey said...

Oh wow - you found it! This is amazing!

ajnabi said...

at last.

music on the dark disc said...

i have one for sale. you can contact me.