Saturday, July 2, 2011

Anything You Can Do We Can Do Better: The Transatlantics

Australians love to ‘have a go’. Try anything and everything. It is almost a religion. Tell them, ‘you can’t’ and almost immediately some Australian will. This is a country that excels at excelling. Australia has won Winter Olympic gold in such ‘non’ Australian sports as ski jumping and speed skating. Exactly what you’d expect for the driest, flattest continent, right?

So it should come as no surprise that there are Australian bands dedicated to being the Down Under incarnations of King Curtis or the Memphis Horns. In Melbourne there is The Bamboos and from Adelaide come The Transatlantics, the subject of tonight’s post.
The Transatlantics

 A ten piece band whose horn section play with such commitment they could fill a swimming pool with spit, these youngsters have built a huge reputation at home and in the UK since this debut album hit the shops a little over a year ago.  The Washerman’s Dog has a weakness for swanky trombone playing and this band gets high marks in that department.  In general, if you like the sound of Memphis brass and soul made famous by that city’s great studios (Stax and Hi) then you’ll love The Transatlantics.

         Track Listing:
1. Tea Legs

2. Couldn’t Be Him

3. I’ve Been Bad

4. Thumbin’ It

5. That’s When I Feel So Lonely

6. On Fire

7. Turn You Loose

8. Talk Like That

9. Save Me

10. Your Time Is Up

11. Keep On Running

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