Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sudan Jazz: Abdel Aziz el Mubark Orchestra

Abdel Aziz el Mubarak

From the blues of New Orleans and Houston to those of East Africa.  Abdel Aziz el Mubarak is an oud player from Sudan who also happens to be one that country's most popular singers and band leaders.  I found this delightful record the other day at one of my favorite second hand record stores and gobbled it up immediately. 

The music is beautiful. Lots of lilting, almost reggae beats, mixed with haunting violin, soul-some saxophone breaks and lots of great singing. Made during Aziz's very successful tour of the UK in the late 1980s.

One of the best albums I've heard so far in 2013.

Enjoy immensely please!

Track Listing:

01 Ya A'saal
02 Laiih Ya Galbi
03 Bissaraha
04 Na-Nu Na-Nu
05 Al Kawkab El Fiddhi
06 Tarig Ash-Shoag

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