Saturday, March 23, 2013

Every Kind of Love: John and Joyce Nyirongo

The Zambian encounter with foreign music frequently results in Zambian music losing out.  But does the foreign music portray the experiences and reality of the Zambian situation? This is the question and challenge that John Nyirongo always posed to himself and strove to answer.

Throughout his career, John displayed his skills as a balladeer.  His songs are emotionally potent and entertaining. A mixture that is impossible to  resist, a perfect accompaniment to a good time.  The lyrics talk about basic family worries. These have an immediacy and relevance to the Zambian situation sucha that the image created is almost crystal clear.

His sister Joyce helps sharpen the image with her powerful and versatile vocals. From 1985, Joyce his the limelight with blockbusters which were produced by her brother and proved very popular in Zambia.  In 1986 she released Sala, then Sebe in 1988. Her final work was Succession  in 1990.

(Liner Notes)

A tasty collection of musical songs that explore and extol the many kinds of love that exist between man and woman: drunken love, murderous love, gentle and contented love, love with money problems, married love and adulterous love.  All played with jangling African guitars and all suited for dancing.


            Track Listing:
01 27 Hours Mwa Mutonyo
02 Nikondeni
03 Mwaya Sana Ba Kenny
04 Pokwatilana
05 Charity
06 Mate
07 Dance Disco Lundazi
08 Sebe
09 Memwa Cousin
10 Sala


beetor said...

I couldn't sleep from jetlag last night, so I had downloaded millions of music from your three blogs. I love this one, it's such happy music.

Anonymous said...

the file is no longer available, is it possible to upload again? I just love the songs..