Saturday, February 2, 2013

To Hell with Commercial Radio

I came across the following link about the 25 most overplayed songs on radio today and boy, is it good to be reminded of how BAD commercial radio is. I laughed and groaned and ‘hear hear’ed my way through the article.  When I first went to America the local FM station KQRS played all sorts of unheard of and uncommercial music.  A couple years later they were bought out by some communications tycoon and played nothing but the sort of over-exposed songs the above link refers to. The liveability of that city dropped as fast as the mercury in October.

As antidote the Washerman’s Dog has put together a counter list of 25 songs (jazz, country, blues, Eurotrash, afrobeat etc) that are unlikely ever to be heard in your car radio or home stereo when it’s tuned to a commercial station.

Good night and enjoy the rest of your day/evening.

            Track Listing:
            01 80000 Careless Ethiopians [Jacob Miller and Inner Circle]
02 John Walker's Blues [Steve Earle]
03 Sexology [Rita]
04 Homeless Soul [Mr. President]
05 Dyna Flow [Albert King]
06 Junker's Blues [Champion Jack Dupree]
07 Blue Groove [The Hipstairs]
08 Horny Blond Forty [Machine Gun Fellatio]
09 I'll Stop Calling You Nigger [The Black Voices]
10 O Death [Ralph Stanley]
11 God Made Me Funky [The Headhunters]
12 (When Your Phone Don't Ring) It'll Be Me [George Jones]
13 Funkanova [Los Charly's Orchestra]
14 A Girl Don't Have To Drink To Have Fun [Wanda Jackson]
15 Full House [Wes Montgomery]
16 Por Morfina y Cocaína, Pt. 1 (Because of Morphine & Cocaine, Pt. 1)[Juan Gonzalez]
17 If You See Kay [Slim Memphis]
18 Creek Bank [Mose Allison]
19 Africa Gone Funky [Screamin' Jay Hawkins]
20 Strangers, Lovers, Friends [Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra]
21 A Good Man Is Hard To Find [Alberta Hunter]
22 Tequila [Allen Toussaint]
23 Girl I've Got A Date (Soul Version) [Alton Ellis and The Flames]
24 Cadillac Jack [Andre Williams]
25 N.E.S.T.A. (Never Ever Submit To Authority) [Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra]


Anonymous said...

Here here! From your friends at WFMU

heeren said...

i guess there are very good reasons why "Stairway..", "Imagine" and most of the other songs on the list are so popular as they are. Such as quality composition, great musicianship, intelligent lyrics (but apparently the people putting the hate-list together do not like visonary, positive lyrics - which only show one thing for certain: they consider themselves big 'intellectuals').

What a joy to be able to enjoy a good song and don't have to be special and feel 'better' than others :-)

ajnabi said...

Heeren, the joy of enjoying good songs is indeed the whole point. I think the article was bemoaning how OVERPLAYED those particular songs were, not that they didn't have any inherent merit. :)