Monday, February 18, 2013

Good Vibrations 9-10: Movie Themes and Bop de Paris

The final double set from The Vibe!  Hope you’ve enjoyed these.  Lots of not so frequently heard music lay within.

The Vibe! Vol 9 -- Soundtracks, Cop Show Themes and Movie Related Music
Track Listing:
01 Serena E Lomunno [Rez Ortolani]
02 Crianca [Franco Micalizzi]
03 Peter Gunn [Henry Mancini]
04 Mac Arthur Park [Hugo Montenegro]
05 Doin' The Jerk [Johnny Spence Orchestra]
06 Theme From S.W.A.T [Rhythm Heritage]
07 Early To Bed [Elmer Bernstein]
08 America Paese Di Dio [Armando Trovaliali]
09 Dance of The Flaming Swords [Hugo Montenegro]
10 Salt Chase [Zulema]
11 Filodiffusione [Armando Trovaioli]
12 Running Away From Jerzy [Franco Micalizzi]
13 Come Spy With Me [Hugo Montenegro]
14 Twist Della Balera [Armando Trovaioli]

The Vibe! Vol 10 -- Jazz and Bop de Paris
01 Tabu [Al Haig Trio]
02 Rhumblues [Oscar Pettiford Sextet]
03 Kool Bongo [Mary Lou Williams]
04 Bah-U-Bah [Coleman Hawkins and His Orchestra]
05 Just One of Those Things [Duke Jordan Trio]
06 Schabozz [Henri Renaud Quintet]
07 Woody'N'You [Georges Wallington Trio]
08 Well You Needn't [Thelonius Monk]
09 Love For Sale [Jimmy Raney]
10 Arbijo [Arnold Ross Trio]
12 I Get a Kick Out Of You [Jenny Wiggins Trio]
13 Nuts [Roy Eldridge Quartet]
14 Nature Boy [Barney Wilen]
15 The World Awakes [Lucky Thompson Trio]

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