Friday, January 4, 2013

The Cure for That Languid Feeling: Ustad Nazakhat and Ustad Salamat Khan (Fresh Link)

It is about half nine at the moment. The mercury blasted up to 40C today and shall hover in that general area for several more days.  This evening we understand the meaning of languid.

At times such as these, when movement is slow and thoughts hesitant yet jumpy I find that the best cure for the soul is a raga turned up loud. Mental activity falls away. Pure sound envelopes you. You are transported to a place where mundane dilemmas can’t exist.

My favourite pair of Hindustani classical singers, Nazakhat and Salamat Khan, entertain a Radio Pakistan audience with the night raga Abhogi Kanhra.  Their voices suggest and hint at things for a while, demonstrating in nearly perfect metre and tone, how one should sing a raga. Then like anxious lovers impatient to meet, they rush home in glory.

Let them tell you more.

            Track Listing:
       01 Abhogi Kanhra
02 Alap
03 Kamod


Goofy said...

Dropbox seems to work fine, your latest MF links are dead.
It was nice to read about your family. It's wonderful that your son is interested in the beautiful game!

gunaraga said...

this works. yaay after missing out on the last few posts finally. Thanks a lot.


The alap is desi todi and the kamod is in fact malhar.I was so excited to find a kamod by the maestros as i know they never sang one.