Thursday, January 24, 2013

Desi Dub: Nu Asian Soundz

The Voyage by Olaf Hajok

A collection of new sounds from India's urban dance hall crowd.  Interesting beats, basses that will rattle your bones and as ever, sweet lilting voices.

Glad to see my old friends Jalebee Cartel popping up again.

It's hot here. Not much fun to sit and think. Just let the grooves move you.

Track Listing:
01 Hexed & Perplexed [Liquid Stranger]
02 Mirrors - Breed Remix [Jalebee Cartel]
03 Mixed Feelings [Piyush Bhatnagar]
04 Awake - Karsh Kale's Morning Remix [Janaka Selekta]
05 Homeland Insecurity [Nuphio]
06 I Am That I Am [Radiohiro]
07 Tumbi Blaster [David Starfire]
08 Grasshopping - Slugstep Rmx [Anuj Rastogi]
09 21CFX [Goonda]
10 Rubstep - slow burn mix [dimmSummer]
11 Fearless - krts brooklyn bounce remix {Goonda]


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