Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Refreshment time

After a couple of years of confusing people with a picture of Sonny Stitt kissing Coleman Hawkins ('what's the connection with a dog?') I've decided to refresh the look of Washerman's Dog.  Something a bit more up-to-date and cleaner.   You can still check out other blogs and websites I think are pretty good by moving your mouse over to the far right side of the screen.  


Hammer said...

Not bad, Ajnabi sahib.

Note: Ahem, an 'R' is missing from the title of your post. Refreshment. Refresh that, too.

Take care, broski.


ajnabi said...

Yes, always got a sharp eye!
Thanks Hammer

Anonymous said...

Far out! Just glad you're still sharing all this great stuff with us. That was a really cool picture though.



El Tortuga said...

Have not been here for a while. And it is a nice surprise to see the evolution here wich is always a sign for thriving. it was a very good oportunity for me as well, to know the history of the kiss. i really enjoyed a lot reading it and by the way, get that two wonderful records of hawkins and stitt. it is always very enriching to pay a visit to you! Thank you so much sahib (as you've been already called here!), it's very nice to be here again, to know you alive and well, even better than before. cheers!

Unknown said...

Mutant Sounds was the first blog I ever seen.
This blog is the first time I feel this excitement since 2007.
Thank you so great for all this beautiful writing to accompany such music.

Peace + Love,
Jose Carlos

ajnabi said...

Thanks Jose Carlos. I see you're in the Twin Cities. Wow...small world.