Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Voices Across The World: Royal Opera House's Upcoming Exciting Show

Royal Opera House

The Washerman’s Dog has been contacted by the Royal Opera House in London with a request that we notify all readers about an exciting show that will take place on 31st of July 2011.

The Royal Opera House is currently preparing to stage Voices Across The World, this year’s annual summer celebration of traditional and contemporary music from a variety of global cultures that will take place on 31st of July.

Twelve singers will perform unplugged, either a cappella or with minimal accompaniment in the Paul Hamlyn Hall between 2pm and 6.30 pm followed by a thrilling improvised session with electronic artist Andrew McDonnell in Linbury Studio at 7 pm.

We are very interested in attracting both old and new audiences, and particularly interesting is the focus on different singing traditions and the uniqueness of the human voice, which we would love audiences to experience.

So if you love good, challenging and exciting music and live in the UK, get on down to London for the show. Even if you live in Europe, help the airline business and hop on a plane and support the Opera House and these artists.

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