Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stand up to the Colonel: Hamid al Shar'eri

In this time of existential crisis in the ancient land of Libya, in this time of severe struggle, I post an old record by Benghazi born and raised (but now exiled in Egypt) musician Hamid al Sha'eri.  Let us hope that he will soon be able to play his pop dance music back in Tripoli before too long.

Track Listing:
Wein Ayamak Wein
Ya Bonya Khashety Baly
Ya Ghaly
Ya La Yemin
Ya Markeb El Gahye
Geit Ya Sheta
La Ma Nasina
Ya Saheb

Listen HERE

I am grateful to the great blog Digital Meltdown for this record. Check out the blog for other North African and Middle Eastern music from countries currently in turmoil. A great place to learn and contribute at least some spirt to the cause.

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