Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Call a Nurse, Quick!: Mixtape of Hurting Songs

Now there is a certain school of thought that claims men are the worst patients in the world. Stub the toe and the crutches come out.  Got the sniffles? Well, it just might be cancer of the nostrils.  You can’t be too cautious.  When he’s feeling a bit tired you end up bringing him endless cups of tea as he sighs and scowls under the covers.

True or not, you can decide.

But I have been feeling the Bad Health Blues (in the words of Jack Dupree) for the past few days and am only starting to feel better now.  I apologize to faithful patrons who may be tiring of these mixtapes, but you see, I’ve just been so exhausted…can barely keep my eyes open most days! Barely survived, have I.

Less mixtapes on deck but in the meantime, if you’re feeling the dreaded lurgie coming on and want something to comfort and encourage you to get better, try these jazzy, bluesy, swinging, soulful bits of whine and wisdom from musical patients and doctors around the globe!

            Track Listing:
            01 Shakin' Shakin' Shakes [Los Lobos]
02 Too Much Brandy [The Streets]
03 Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad [Jim Brewer]
04 Dizzy Atmosphere [Stan Getz and Chet Baker]
05 It Hurts [Carolyn Franklin]
06 I Don't Need No Doctor [Nick Ashford]
07 Heartaches, Heartaches [O.V. Wright]
08 Bad Health Blues [Champion Jack Dupree]
09 Suze (The cough song) [Bob Dylan]
10 I Didn't Know The Meaning Of Pain [Otis Clay]
11 You Got Me Dizzy [Jimmy Reed]
12 Diseases [Michigan and Smiley]
13 Drugpop [Claude Vasari]
14 Pain [The Watts Prophets]
15 Willy's Headache [Cymande]
16 Weak Man [Dan Baker]
17 Heartaches By The Number (Live) [Dwight Yoakam]
18 Pills [Bo Diddley]
19 Going Back To Bed [Tony Joe White]
20 She Took a Lot of Pills and Died [Robbie Fulks]
21 The Drugs Don't Work [The Verve]
22 Medicine Man [Chris Wilson]
23 Permanent Hurt [John Hiatt]
24 Washington DC Hospital Center Blues [Skip James]
25 Night Nurse [Geoffrey Issacs]
26 Care for Pain [Morphine]
27 Heal Yourself [Ruthie Foster]
28 Getting Better [The A.M. Stragglers]
29 Feelin' Good [Tina Harrod]
30 Ancestral Healing [Pops Mohamed]
31 I Feel Better Now [The Louvin Brothers]

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