Friday, October 26, 2012

Viva Africa Vol. 2: Cross Continental Africa Mixtape

I wanted to post this second volume of African musical nyama choma last night but got waylaid by YouTube and a few videos on Biocentrism.  Apparently, Frank Lanza, the promoter of this topsy turvy scientific idea is considered to be one of the top three scientific brains in the world, if you believe the New York Times.   He is frequently name dropped along with Albert Einstein as a thinker of radical creativity.   He is the pioneer of stem cell medicine but is more famous to scientific dullards like yours truly as the guru of Biocentrism. 

In a nut shell, Biocentrism claims that the entire Universe is a creation of Consciousness or Life. 

Not the other way round.  In other words, the Big Bang didn’t happen 13.8 billion years ago. It was ‘created’ as a concept in our minds in the 20th century. And indeed, everything that exists is only Consciousness’s perception of it. Nothing exists in any particular form without our (human consciousness) engagement.  

Fascinating and compelling stuff. I immediately went on line and bought his book.

Which means that all the music in Africa doesn’t exist except between my ears. And hopefully yours too!  How we share the same non-reality across time and space, well I’m not sure, except that time and space don’t exist either. And according to quantum physics everything exists in multiple places at the same time and everything is all entangled!


I think I’ll just let the music do the talking.  This is a big file today, but well worth the weight!

            Track Listing:
            01 Watch Out [The Syndicate] SOUTH AFRICA
02 Algerie Mon Beau Pays [Slimane Azem] ALGERIA
03 Feso Jaiye [The Sahara All Stars of Jos] NIGERIA
04 Awela-awela [Franco and Sam Mangwana] DEMOCRATIC REP. CONGO
05 I Put A Spell On You [Natacha Atlas] MOROCCO/EGYPT/BELGIUM
06 Youyou [Les Quatre Etoiles du Zaire] DEMOCRATIC REP. CONGO
07 Chapita [Dick Khoza] SOUTH AFRICA
08 Margret Odero [D.O. Misiani and Shirati Jazz] KENYA
09 Natali Nato [Henri Bowane] DEMOCRATIC REP. CONGO
10 Shango II [Mombasa] GERMANY/KENYA
11 Warm Heart of Africa (featuring Ezra Koenig) [Warm Heart of Africa] MALAWI/USA
12 Tijaniya [Youssou n'Dour] SENEGAL
13 Cinquante Six [Ali Farke Toure] MALI
14 Namibia [Pops Mohamed] SOUTH AFRICA
15 Qula (Remix) [Brenda Fassie] SOUTH AFRICA
16 Mpenzi Azizi [Zuhara and Zein Musical Party] TANZANIA/ZANZIBAR
17 Kabu [Aster Aweke] ETHIOPIA
18 Disgraciado [Rui Sangara] GUINEA BISSAU
19 Dubulamanzwe [Thapelo Khomo] SOUTH AFRICA
20 N'Zingu - Pasi [Tchiho Tchico] REP. CONGO (BRAZZAVILLE)
21 Annil [Mounira Moutchala] CHAD
22 Dissan Na M'bera [Super Mama Djombo] GUINEA BISSAU
23 Onipa Dabre Mu [Obiba Collins Marfo and Super Stars] GHANA
24 Dhow Countries [Taj Mahal and Cultural Music Club of Zanzibar] TANZANIA/ZANZIBAR/USA
25 I Djo Famâ [Salif Keita MALI
26 Utrus Horas [Orchestra Baobab] SENEGAL


Goofy said...

I think you have a typo in your write-up. The Biocentrism guy is Robert Lanza. Frank Lanza was a CEO of a tech company. Anyway, thanks for writing about RL, I'll probably buy his book too.

ajnabi said...

Goofy, I stand corrected. Robert not Frank! Get the book.

Anonymous said...

Track 6 is protected and wont play. Despite this, it's a great mix. Many thanks!

ajnabi said...

Anonymous. Sorry about that. Glad you're enjoying the rest. I can't seem to convert the file. apologies.