Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Night Special: Aaah! Africa

Here’s a mixtape of 2 hours, 22 tracks of music from Zimbabwe, Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, Cameroon, South Africa, Mali, Tanzania, Tunisia, Nigeria, Congo (both), Guinea, Sudan and Burkina Faso.

From oily American-esque guitar funk (ROB) to nothing but an acoustic guitar (Feliciano Gomes), from big bandstand brass, guitar and vocal teasing (Bembeya Jazz) to sophisticated Afro-euro pop (Manu Dibango), from the outer limits of somewhere (Sir Victor Uwaifo) to the juju wall of guitars and talking drums (Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey) and to many interesting points inbetween….all one can say is Aaah! Africa.

Hope you have a good week.

            Track Listing:
            01 Forgive Us All (ROB) GHANA
02 Iranm' iran (Sir Victor Uwifo and His Titibitis of Africa) NIGERIA
03 Nha Guine (Ze Manel) GUINEA BISSAU
04 Wakafrika (Manu Dibango) CAMEROON
05 Som D'Agosto (Paulo Flores) ANGOLA
06 Magumo (How Will It All End) [Oliver Mtukudzi) ZIMBABWE
07 Jamil al-sourah (Le beau visage) [Abdel Gadir Salim] SUDAN
08 Bedeltini Bahiri (Khalas) ALGERIA
09 Makombo Mibale (Bantous de la Capitale) REPUBLIC OF CONGO
11 Super Tentemba (Bembeya Jazz National) GUINEA
12 Pachange Maria (Os Bongos) ANGOLA
13 What God Has Joined Together (Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey and His Inter-Reformers Band) NIGERIA
14 Matsaire (Feliciano Gomes) MOZAMBIQUE
15 Toumast (Tinariwen) MALI
16 Sogodounou (Nahawa Doumbla) COTE D’ IVOIRE
17 The Lewinsky March (Rabih Abou-Khalil) LEBANON
18 Mpenzi Usemayo (Dar es Salaam Jazz Band) TANZANIA
19 Hamba Hamba Madala (The Los Angeles Orchestra) ZIMBABWE
20 Mangue K (Mangue Konde) BURKINA FASO
21 Ask the Rising Sun (Mariam Makeba) REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA
22 Werente Serigne (Orchestra Boabab) SENEGAL


Hammer said...

Coo' werk!

Track number 17 is from Lebanon and has nothing to do with Ah-frica. Maybe, it's the oud, dunno, but I'm diggin' this with a shovel right nows.


ajnabi said...

Just making sure you're on your toes!

Apurva Bahadur said...

Thank you Ajnabi - download but not heard, looking forward for the weekend... Apurva from Pune, India.