Thursday, December 15, 2011

Forgotten Singers of Sindh: Master Muhammad Ibrahim

Sindhi man with traditional 'topi'

Tonight I post the second in this series of ‘forgotten’ heroes of Sindhi music.  Master Muhammad Ibrahim is in the spotlight tonight and I must say it is a dim spotlight indeed. I know absolutely nothing about this artist except that his name figures in several lists of Sindhi artists on the internet. 

Is he still alive?

This collection came from the same Sindhi bureaucrat who gifted me Suleman Shah’s music. He was a funny guy. He had a dignified air about him. Even as the Scotch flowed into the late night he never lost his senses, and neither did he let his collar down. Figuratively or sartorially. He breathed contempt for Punjabis as a group and concept, but seemed on easy terms with all the other men in the room, Punjabis through and through. I must have heard more than 30 references to Bhuttos of all genders and political eras throughout the evening. He loved them all as if they were his dearest relatives.

His other great love was music and literature, which is not surprising given the others in this badly lit flat on the outer rims of Islamabad were a prominent novelist and a music industry executive.  Sindh’s superior accomplishments in the field of arts was for him a point that needed no argument but was worthy of frequent repetition.

Anyway, the next time I see him, if I ever do, I’ll try to get some background information on Master Muhammad Ibrahim. In the meantime, enjoy!

As usual, Sindhi speakers, please correct the titles of the songs! Thanks.

            Track Listing:
01.  Dilbara
02.  Diyan Dinayee Fair Mubarak
03.  Karya Yaad Dama Dam
04.  Lago Mujhe Andar Aaja
05.  Kangala De ka Qabar
06.  Subuhanallah
07.  Paido Kedo
08.  Mohabbat Ye Kare Baqi
09.  Yeh Sab Moori Maaya
10.  Cho Duniya Ke
11.  Jalwe Yaar
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