Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chai drinking music: Lakhbir 'Lovely' Singh

I wish I was in Delhi this morning.

If I was in Delhi this morning I would wander down to Paharganj.

In Paharaganj I would find a little dhaba where I could have breakfast.

I would order tea and chole bhatura.

I would watch the crowds grow and  get more frenetic as the sun rises higher in the sky.

I would ask the dhaba wala, “Who is singing that music you are playing so loud through your old soundsystem?”

He would reply, “Oh this is the voice of Lakhbir ‘Lovely’ Singh.

I would order another cup of tea, lean back in my chair and smile.

It is sweet tea.

It is sweet music.

            Track Listing:
         01 Koi Mausam Ho
02 Jiski Thi Arzoo
03 Tere Tan Badan Se
04 Thi Jisse Kabhi
05 Kisi Ne Kissi Se
06 Yaar Chahiye

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