Monday, August 8, 2011

Vietnam raw: Roady music (Link restored)

Hello .
The fishing trip is going well.

Internet is dodgy in the tropics so next few posts will be quick with minimal commentary or photos.
As current coordinates are SEAsia today's post is from the region.

This music I got as novelty but was surprised to learn just how much fun and pleasurable much of it is.

Live "field recordings" from the streets of Vietnam. Itinerant singers from the villages- garage rock based on American pop, sidewalk pop music blasted through burnt out amplifiers!  Mostly unclassified street music.

For anyone who has spent time in Asia or the developing world more generally,this sort of "raw" music is what makes a wander through the bazar, souk or market stand out.

Enjoy, with a special of the hat to Marti who loves this part of the world!

Listen here

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