Sunday, April 17, 2011

Money Matters: Songs about jobs and money

Illustration by Anthony Freda

A few weeks ago I was laid off.  To mark this momentous occasion the Washerman’s Dog has put together a special collection of songs about money and jobs for the enjoyment of all who have ever been made redundant, sacked, given the pink slip, fired, been moved on, downsized or simply not shown up for work one day. 

            Track Listing:
1.    The Getting Paid Waltz  (Mose Allison)
2.    When I Lost My Job (Super Negro Bantous)
3.    Call My Job (The Mannish Boys)
4.    Money is the Root of All Evil (Don Boadie)
5.    Money Talks (J.J. Cale)
6.    If Blues Was Money (Alvin Youngblood Hart)
7.    Only In It For the Money (Jimmy Smith)
8.    Money to Burn (Rico Bell and the Snake Handlers)
9.    Silver Dollar (The Skatalites)
10. Til the Money Runs Out (Tom Waits)
11. All the Money’s Gone (Greg Brown)
12. I Need Some Money (John Lee Hooker)
13. And Some Money Too (Serena Ryder)
14. Poor House Blues (“Champion” Jack Dupree)

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